7 ideas for a perfect family picnic !!

1. Choose a suitable place

The choice of location is 50% of the ideal picnic. But this is also the most complicated part. First you have to decide what the picnic should be: urban (on a large and green terrace), in nature, far or nearby, in the neighborhood park or by the river, and why not in a secret place that will be a surprise for everyone. When choosing, it is very important to check how to get to the chosen place and whether everyone can do it easily. If one of the guests does not have a car, it would be good to consider organizing transport.

2. Organization

Everything must be planned carefully – from the time needed to get to the place, to the food and the invited people. When making a list of your guests, think carefully about whether they are the right company for each other. Probably many children will not like your friends without children, and older people will get tired if they have to walk longer and at the pace of younger ones. The idea of ​​the picnic is to have fun. Be sure to take sunscreen, wind or insect repellents to be prepared for such cases.

3. Select the menu

This should be done at least a week in advance. Once you have designed the menu, you can distribute the tasks among some of the invitees. The idea of ​​a picnic is to have a variety of foods, which is too time consuming for one person. In addition, these foods must not only be prepared, but also packaged and stored in a cool place. Be sure to provide a variety of additional disposable or reusable utensils and accessories. If you plan to drink wine, for example, you must have a corkscrew. Also pay attention to the durability of the food. Keep in mind that once removed from the refrigerator, it should be consumed up to 2 hours, and on a warm day – up to an hour and a half.

4. Invitations

It is good to send and invite guests. This will make the picnic something really special. And so people will know when, at what time and where to go. This will help them to adjust their clothing as well. For the invitation to make sense, it must be received a week in advance. Unless you’re planning a surprise. But in that case, you need to know everyone well to make sure they like it.

5. Waste bin

Under no circumstances leave garbage behind. In order not to wonder where to store everything unnecessary, be sure to carry enough bags to be your waste bin. And don’t leave them in place. The idea is not only to collect your garbage, but also to take it where it belongs.

6. Thematic decoration

So the picnic will not only be interesting, but will have a complete ending. You can improvise and make a decoration according to the season, the occasion, the attendees or something else that has inspired you. In fact, a picnic can also be an official announcement to relatives or friends that you are expecting a baby.

7. Games

Be sure to think about activities for both the youngest and the oldest. Picnics are also fun. And the most fun is by including everyone in a common game.

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