Can sunscreen clothes really protect against sunscreen? What color clothes are the most sun-proof?

As the saying goes, one white covering the three ugliness, after summer, for many women who love beauty, sun protection has become a top priority. Because sun protection is not only about whitening, but also about anti-aging. Many women buy a variety of sun protection equipment for sun protection, and sun protection clothing is also popular among women. So can sunscreen clothing really protect against sunscreen? Follow the family doctor to take a look.

Can sunscreen clothes really protect against sunscreen?

Whether the sun protection clothing is sun-proof, the key depends on whether you buy the “real” sun protection clothing. Many so-called sunscreen clothing on the market are actually just marketing tools for businesses, and they are actually no different from ordinary clothing. The sun protection clothing that is truly anti-ultraviolet treatment can achieve the ideal sun protection effect.

At present, there are two types of sun protection clothing that are more convenient to buy. One is to achieve sun protection by applying a sun protection layer on the fabric. This type of sun protection clothing has a relatively hard texture and is relatively hot when worn. The other is woven from microporous fibers treated with UV resistance. This kind of fabric has a better moisture wicking effect, and is very light and thin. It is usually translucent. It feels better when worn in summer and is not so stuffy.

In fact, all clothes have sun protection ability, but not all clothes can be called sun protection clothing. China’s national standard “Assessment of Anti-ultraviolet Performance of Textiles” stipulates: UPF> 40, UVA transmittance <5%, and meeting these two conditions at the same time can become a “anti-ultraviolet product”. UPF is an index used to evaluate the ability of textiles to protect against ultraviolet rays. If the UPF value is 40, it can be understood that 1/40 of ultraviolet rays can penetrate textiles. UVA is a kind of ultraviolet.

Generally speaking, qualified sun protection clothing will have clear sun protection parameters such as UPF. The larger the value, the better the sun protection effect.

What color is the most sunscreen?

Studies have shown that red clothes have the effect of sun protection. There was once a comparative experiment: put clothes of the same material in black, white, and red in the sun. After 20 minutes, the temperature of red clothes was the lowest.

Scientists explained that compared to dark clothes, light-colored clothes absorb heat more slowly and less, and can reflect ultraviolet light, so light-colored clothes will be cooler in a short time. Although light-colored clothing can reflect part of ultraviolet rays, its ability to absorb ultraviolet rays is not good. In the spectrum, red is the color with the longest wavelength and strongest penetrating power. Ultraviolet rays are the light that is farthest from red and the shortest wavelength in natural light. It is easily absorbed by red. Therefore, wearing red clothes can absorb and filter out more ultraviolet rays, so the sun protection effect is the best.

Red dress in the summer is quite eye-catching, not on the beach or in the jungle, with blue sky, beach, ocean, meadows, forests are wild colors.

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