How to Compare Best Internet Service Providers

There are so many internet services providers available in your area and they all look alike. All of them offer the same Download and Upload speeds, all of them have the same prices but then what puts one above the other? The key factor in choosing the best internet provider relies on something much deeper.

An average Person spends an average of 5-6 hours daily online, playing games or streaming TV Shows. It’s not possible to do the same if you are stuck with a horrible connection. The type of internet provider you choose can change your life for better or for worse. Everyone’s first thought about getting an internet connection is to get an internet connection with the highest bandwidth. Or a connection that suits your pocket the most let me tell you that these two factors aren’t the only thing that should be the deciding factor in which Internet service provider (ISP) you will choose.

Here’s an expert guide on how to find the Best Internet Provider:

Internet Service Providers In Your Area
Where you live in the biggest deciding factor in your list, if you reside in a city like New York or Los Angeles then getting a suitable internet connection shouldn’t be a problem for you! Don’t just sign up with any provider you find first. All the biggest providers across the USA aren’t too friendly on pockets. You can easily find small providers that provide fair reception and won’t bleed your pockets dry.

How Reliable Are They?
All the bright and shiny ads of Internet Connections for your home & Businesses will bait you with the promises of “Super-Fast Internet” & “Up to 100Mbps Downloading speed”. It’s better to trust your friends and family members who are using an Internet connection for their homes. If they are satisfied with their Internet Connection then its a green signal for you.

What About Customer Service?
If you already have an ISP that doesn’t care too much about its customer’s reviews then its high time you switch to a Service provider that does listen to your complaint. A professional resolve of your complaint is absolutely necessary. Fast response time is one sign that screams quality. Look out for providers that have a 24/7 complaint hotline, it’s vital if you face a problem late at night.

Wired or Wireless?
We users are made available to five types of internet connections. If you live in a huge city then you have the luxury of choosing one out of all five.

Cable Internet
Cable internet uses high bandwidth cable TV networks to provide high-speed internet to your homes. It is significantly faster the DSL connection, although speed may vary based on hours and Providers.

A DSL connection is less expensive, and the speed is low as well. It uses a phone line to provide an internet connection to homes.

Fibre Optic Service
Fibre Optic Service (Fios) delivers the Internet through Fibre optic cables and it is one of the fastest internet services available to normal users. Though it is very expensive and is only available in big cities.

Wireless Internet
Most o us use this connection at our homes, Commonly known as Wi-Fi Internet connection. The speed is enough for a family and people living in remote areas can enjoy the internet through Wi-Fi connections.

Satellite Internet
Satellite internet is the most unpopular Internet connection. It is very expensive and the speed is slow because the satellite connection receives and sends signals to the satellite.

What about Data Caps/ Limit
Depends on your usage, if you are a sole user then a data limit of 1Tb shouldn’t bother you. As most of the providers offer 1TB data and an additional $10 for 50GB data. There are unlimited connections but those are expensive and more suited to families. So figure out your needs and find a plan that suits you!

What Difference Does Download & Upload Speed Make?
A lot of consumers get fooled by flashy download & upload speeds. Before you reach into your pockets for buying stuff, you need to understand what are the uses of download and upload speeds. You need high downloading speeds when you stream content online or when you are downloading games or movies. Upload speeds are needed when you play online interactive gaming or when you do video conferencing.

An upload speed of 5Mbps will be more than enough for both purposes. Downloading speed simply relies on reliability. If you have high downloading speed but the network fluctuates constantly then there is no point in paying so much money for a service that’s not even reliable. a connectionless then 25Mbps isn’t enough. You need at least 50Mbps downloading speed if you wanna stream seamlessly. If you are a hardcore gamer and a fan of streaming then you need a connection of 100+Mbps. Which won’t be friendly for your pocket but it surely will be awesome!

Contractual Policies
There’s a catch with a high-speed internet connection, it usually comes with a yearly or more contract. If you are fine with long term commitments then there should be no problem in signing the contract. Sometimes providers take unnecessary advantage of the contract and they nudge up their prices every now and then. I’m sure you wouldn’t like paying for a plan that gets $20-30 expensive every three months. Before signing a contract you need to be aware of the hidden cost, some providers will ask you to rent or purchase the equipment make sure whatever you are paying is or isn’t the introductory price, you wouldn’t want to bear the burden of extra payment once the year ends.

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