What are the common failures of data centers and how to deal with data center failures ?

A data center is a global network of specific equipment that is used to transmit, accelerate, display, calculate, and store data and information on the Internet network infrastructure. So, what are the common failures in data centers? How to deal with data center failures?

What are the common failures of data centers

Common communication failures in data center networks are mainly concentrated in two categories: hardware failures and system failures:

(1) Hardware failure:

The data center is made up of countless computer hardware, and hardware problems will cause some functions to fail or operate normally. No matter it is equipment, line, port, any failure will cause network communication failure. Hardware faults are relatively easy to find, such as line faults. The general cause is obvious aging or damage to the line, which affects the operation of the overall network; another example is port failure. Computer ports are an important link in the data center network. Transmission problems such as poor contact and damage will affect the overall network operation. As long as the hardware failures are checked one by one, they can be replaced in time, which is relatively easy to solve.

(2) System failure:

Data center is one of the most popular research in the computer field, so the research technology is very mature. The computer network composition mainly includes TREE, FAT-TREE, BCUBE, FICONN, etc. It mainly adopts modular, hierarchical, flat design ideas and virtualized segmentation management technology, and divides thousands of devices into units. , And manage them one by one. The hierarchical and recursive structure is used for connection, avoiding the existence of so-called “key nodes” as much as possible. This combination also forms good redundancy and fault tolerance. If one or several units that have failed are not detected, it will not affect the overall operation of the data center. However, if it exceeds a certain percentage, it will affect the high-speed operation of the data center network and slow down the speed of network communication. Therefore, it is still necessary to find faults and deal with them.

How to deal with data center failures

(1) Analyze the failure phenomenon:

Generally speaking, due to the complexity of the components, the faults also show different manifestations. Therefore, if you want to analyze the failure, you must first understand the failure phenomenon. For example, if there are problems in the application, such as the payment system cannot pay, the webpage is difficult to open, etc., then the relevant fault points must be checked one by one, and which faults are the above-mentioned manifestations, such as line failure, port failure, etc., it is necessary to replace the line, Ports and other equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to collect and sort out several common faults in the data center network, and search and find based on the phenomenon.

(2) Test and confirm the fault range, and locate the fault point.

All application services are carried out on the basis of the normal operation of these physical hardware, and some hardware problems will cause failures. According to the performance of the fault, it is necessary to screen and check each part, for example, test the server, check the network equipment, etc. According to the performance of the problem, eliminate one by one, and finally determine the location of the fault point.

(3) If all the above hardware faults have been eliminated, then it is a fault of the computer system. This fault needs to establish a fault model for diagnosis and define it according to the PMC model.

Through the hierarchical testing method, find the problem unit, that is, the normal unit tests the normal unit, the normal unit tests the fault unit, the fault unit tests the fault unit, and the fault unit tests the normal unit. The last three detection results are all faults. Therefore, a limited number of units can be established by means of hierarchical measurement, and other units can be diagnosed through matrix and firefly algorithm focusing on FAFD algorithm to finally determine which system is the fault. Units of. Of course, you can also use other methods such as mirroring, traffic statistics, and packet capture to determine the scope of the device where the fault is located, and then narrow the scope and focus on one or several devices.

(4) Collect important data information.

When troubleshooting, collect information such as equipment logs, diagnosis, operation records, and summarize these data. If conditions permit, establish a fault database. Common problems can be dealt with as soon as they appear. The failures that have not occurred can continue to be collected into the database. In short, the necessary information collection is conducive to better finding the cause of failure in the future and ensuring the healthy and stable operation of the data center network.

The above is all the common faults in data centers and how to deal with data center faults. With the widespread use of data centers, artificial intelligence, network security, etc. have also appeared, and more users have been brought to the network and mobile phones. In application.

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